People say...'so you're a car nut'... If they have time to talk, I tell them I'm not a 'car nut' and try to explain the difference between just 'having' cars like this....and driving them.

I found my way to Porsche basically because of the fun factor. It helps that cars look nice out of the box, but if the engineering & the build didn't produce something that’s a hoot to drive... I'm pretty sure they wouldn't be in my garage.

The Strosek 993 was special and had I not totaled her in a track event in 09 she would have always had a spot in my garage.  She's missed and will always be on these pages.

No doubt there was a fork-in-the-road for Porsche after the 993. You can't go back, and 993 owners are indeed fortunate.

I was the original owner of this Strosek 993.
The car was a Euro-delivery from Zuffenhaussen
that was dropped at Vitorio Strosek’s facility in Utting Ammersee after a short break-in period on German, Swiss, and Austrian roads.

The car was first concoured at the Oklahoma Parade in 1996 and shown & driven much since. Mods were too numerous to mention however the exterior was all original Strosek.

993 pics

Turbo Pics

This 2001 Twin has undergone several seasons of modifications ranging from interior, suspension, driveline and engine.

Not recently dyno’d but last estimates place her close to 600 at the crank. She undergoes a metamorphosis when track weekends approach, but on the street she’s not your typical TT.

Imported to U.S. market 1986 & 87 (this car). Only a few hundred yet on the road. In Europe the car ran the competitive DTM race series from 1985 with MB working with Affalterbach till a full factory race commitment in 1998 and 2.5 replaced 2.3.

Five speed (Pcar shift pattern) by Getrag...Cosworth double overhead cam….1st 4valve head for MB production cars...Bosch KE-Jetronic fuel injection...10.5.1 compression ratio to forged pistons and sculpted tubular four-into-two headers.

Fun car with incredible low end torque, actually 260 lbs lighter than a stock 190.

16 Valve pics

E55 pics

This AMG is custom blacked-out so there are few chrome highlights to disturb her simple lines. Euro suspension and many subtle mod details add up to a personalized E55.

A product of the AMG Skunkwerks Affalterbach, Germany......about an hour Northeast of Stuttgart....where AMG engines, drivelines, brakes, and aero chassis mods are completed before shipment back to MB in Munchen.  The signature on the engine plate reminds us of the 'One man, one engine'  AMG mantra.....a single AMG technition responsible for the build of that single E55 engine.

With a Porsche Turbo 5 speed tip transmission, she's one of the fastest cars on the road with 4 doors.

The 986 was a 1993 design study from Geneva......and this particular car was one of the first 986's in our market and the deposit sat in place for three years before delivery.  The car was modded for the wife and, with a little work, she turned out very nice.  Mid-engine Boxsters and Caymens are a joy to drive.  They are, without a doubt, true 'sports cars'.

Thank you Porsche!

Boxster pics

C4S Cab pics

Designed as the wife's second ride (and my fun on the weekend) she was set up to simply be a very pretty Porsche and certainly fun to drive.

10mm PASM and dropped another 20mm with full Bilstein Damptronics.  Custom body and wheel paint all around, plus some camouflage that makes it difficult for the casual eye to realize that she  is a C4S.

Under the skin a 997II C4S uses a 3.8 Direct Injection 385HP boxster engine, 4 valves per cylinder with continuous variable inlet timing......very smooth.

It seems that through the years there are very few times that more than one of the cars is in one place at one time.

Here then is just a collection of misc shots of more than one car at a time.  Each of these guys have their own personality.  Some are not with us anymore but the memory (and the pics) live on.



Line Up pics