My compliments to the "chef"...kind words any enthusiast enjoys getting from a fellow fanatic. To the casual eye it's "a Turbo", still a Turbo...but the fanatic spends $5,15, 25K tuning and modding that car. The net is a product of their own personality, maybe part of what they thought the car company could-of, should-of, brought to the market.

Some mods are small tweeks & gadgets...and the other end of the list has cutting-removing body panels, pulling engines & drive lines. It's often a gamble that tests both will & confidence of the fanatic because the result may (or may not) be as good as imagined...and any hope of ROI is only wishful.

The chef's goal is, above all else, personal. The compliment is nice, but it has to be what turns your crank. A few years back, a fella at a Porsche Parade put it to me this way..."I think you can feel good about what you've done, if you find yourself walking away from your parked car, and almost always stealing that glance back...taking some pleasure from the view".


Porsche make sports cars. Right? Some pretty cool cars like the 944 Turbo. Thatís what we know them for, right? Great cars we drewled over as kids, and still covet as grown adults!

Well, turns out they put their expertise to work in all sorts of other areas, but still serving all ages of man from baby & toddler to senior citizen. So, sit back in your Porsche arm chair, using your Porsche laptop, smoking your Porsche pipe and have a look at some gadgets!

One of the changes in the 993 over preceding 911s is the implementation of an all-alloy multi-arm rear suspension attached to an all-alloy subframe.

Its design was derived from the project 989, a four-door sedan which never went into production, and was later continued in the 993's successor, type 996.


Tuning & DYI

Of course, neither is Porsche and this is why the German company has been launching one special model of the 911 after another, creating a huge family tree - I guess that the next 911 will be able to say that it has a family woods, not just a tree.

One of the most interesting modifications that you can gift your vehicle with is a new exhaust, as such a system will add hp, offer the vehicle a more menacing sound and also discreetly enhance its image.


Wheels should be custom manufactured for specific applications, and that you should never have to compromise fit, quality or performance. Aggressively styled and built to perform.